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Resources by subject area

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Leading texts are given stars:
Some of the more useful resources are marked with a star *.  Resources are given a star if they:
  • Are known to be a leading text on the subject
  • Are a looseleaf which the British Columbia Courthouse Libraries currently subscribes to - which suggests that it is a useful text.
If you notice that a leading text has not been given a star, is missing entirely, or is incorrectly cited, please leave a comment to that effect on the relevant page, or send us an email by clicking on the "Contact us" link on the right.
Finding a library that has the book you want:
Option 1
Link to your local library from the list on the libraries page and search their catalogue online.
Option 2
Use the search tool below to search the Worldcat database to find a library near you that has the book  you want. This tool only searches libraries catalogues contained in the Worldcat database, and generally courthouse libraries and law society libraries are NOT included. However, university libraries are.
Books on Legaltree are described by the author's name, followed by the title of the book and then the publisher's details. Copy and paste the name of the author and the title of the book into the search field and then hit the search button. Hopefully your book will appear on the list of search results. Click on it and then enter your postal code to find the library nearest you that has that book. >>
Option 3
Search using the Canadian National Catalogue database: