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Terms of Use

By browsing (the “Website”), you (the “User”) are agreeing to the following terms of use (the “Terms of Use”) pertaining to the Website.

1.      The Terms of Use form a valid and legally binding contract (the “Agreement”) between the User and Legaltree Publishing Inc. (“Legaltree”).
2.      The term “User” includes persons merely browsing the Website and persons who sign up for user accounts. 
3.      “Content” includes all written and graphic material of any form visible on any page of the Website.
4.      The Terms of Use are subject to modification by Legaltree and the User agrees to periodically check the Terms of Use for changes. When Users who have signed up for user accounts are notified of changes to the Terms of Use the User will either agree to be bound by those changes, or cease using the Website and notify Legaltree of his or her disagreement such that Legaltree can delete the User’s account.
User accounts
5.      Legaltree retains the unrestricted right to cancel the user account and access privileges of the User, and the User shall not sign up for another account without the written permission of Legaltree.
6.      User email addresses will not be disclosed by Legaltree, although User email addresses will be displayed to recipients of messages that Users send to other Users using the contact forms on the Website. Users who do not wish to be contacted by other Users can un-check the “Personal contact form” check box on the edit page of their user account (which can be accessed by logging in and clicking “My Account” on the menu on the right.
7.      No lawyer-client relationship is established between Users or between any User and Legaltree through use of the Website.
8.      The User shall not use the Website as a forum for providing legal advice or otherwise practicing law; Users may advertise legal services on the Website, but shall not practice law on the Website.
9.      If Users contact each other, through the Website or otherwise, and enter into a private relationship, that relationship shall not be governed by the Terms of Use, but the terms of that relationship shall be determined exclusively by the parties to that relationship. For further clarity, and without limiting the foregoing, the directors, shareholders, employees, or agents of Legaltree shall not be liable or any loss arising out of relationships formed between Users of the Website.
Right to publish and contribution of content
10. The User may only publish Content that is well drafted, professional, and complies with the Formatting Policy available through the home page of the Website.  
11. The User shall not publish a lawyer profile unless the User is authorized to practice law in at least one jurisdiction in Canada.
12. The User may include personal advertising information on his/her user information page and, if the User is a lawyer, his/her lawyer profile page, but shall not post any advertising or commercial information (including, without limitation, their contact information, firm information or practice areas) elsewhere on the website without the permission of Legaltree.
13. The User may not publish links to other internet sites on the Website unless the Link Policy available through the home page of the Website is complied with.  
14. Legaltree retains the unrestricted right to remove any Content from the Website, and this right is not limited by any other term of the Agreement that enumerates specific rights of Legaltree or the User.
15. The granting of approval for, and revocation of, book authorship privileges is at Legaltree’s sole and unrestricted discretion.   
16. In consideration for Content contributed by the User, Legaltree will, without limiting any other clause of the Agreement, publish that Content on the Website.
17. The User will retain all rights (including copyright), title and interest in all the Content submitted by the User, and the User shall take whatever measures it deems appropriate to protect those rights.
18. If the User sends Content to Legaltree, via email or otherwise, and Legaltree posts that Content on the Website on behalf of the User, Legaltree acts as the User’s agent when posting that Content and the User remains fully responsible in all ways for the contents of that Content.
19. The User can request Legaltree to remove any Content submitted by the User, and Legaltree shall do so within a reasonable time.
Exclusion of Liability 
20. The User is bound by the waiver of liability contained in the footer of the Website pages.
21. The User shall not create Content which is: libellous; obscene; negligently erroneous; that infringes any right (including, without limitation, copyright or trademark) held by any third party (including, without limitation, the User’s employer); or otherwise unlawful, unfair, or malicious. The User will be liable to, and will indemnify, Legaltree for any cost or loss Legaltree suffers as a result of such Content.
22. Legaltree shall not be liable in any way to the User for loss of material contributed to the Website, but the User shall maintain private backup copies of all Content contributed to the Website.
23. Legaltree shall not be liable to the User in any way if the Website, or any part of it, ceases to operate, temporarily or permanently, for whatever reason.
24. Notwithstanding any other provision in the Agreement, or any applicable statutory provisions which it is lawful to contract out of, Legaltree, and other Users of the Website, shall not be liable to the User for any loss arising, directly or indirectly, from any use of the Website or breach of the Agreement, fundamental or otherwise, or from any negligent or otherwise tortious acts or omissions of Legaltree, its directors, employees or agents, or other Users of Legaltree. 
25. For further clarity, and without limiting any defence available under statute, the Agreement, or common law, under no circumstances, or for any reason, shall any of the directors, shareholders, employees, or agents of Legaltree be liable in any way, for any loss suffered by the User. 
26. The Agreement is governed by the laws of British Columbia, Canada, and the Courts of British Columbia, Canada, have sole and absolutely exclusive jurisdiction over the Agreement and all other matters related to the Website.    
27. If any term of the Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain valid and binding.
28. Legaltree shall provide a copy of these Terms and Conditions under the “edit” tab of the “My Account” section of the User’s account.