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General real property law resources

o   Atlas, M., Taxation of Real Estate in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   Benson, Bowden & Newman, Understanding Property: A Guide to Canada's Property Law , 2nd ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2008)
o   * Canadian Real Estate Income Tax Guide (North York: CCH, looseleaf)
o   Canadian Real Estate Law Legal Research Guide (North York: CCH, looseleaf)
o   Croll & Yach, Key developments in estates and trusts law in Ontario (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2008)
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o   * McDermott et al., Canadian Commercial Real Estate Manual (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf) (3 volumes)
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o   Kennett, S., The law of the land : a legal foundation for Alberta's land-use framework (Pembina Institute, 2009)
British Columbia
o   * British Columbia Real Estate Development Practice Manual (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf)
o   * British Columbia Real Estate Law Guide (North York: CCH, looseleaf) (2 volumes)
o   Buhozer, W., British Columbia Planning Law & Practice (Markham: Butterworths, looseleaf)
o   * Collected Real Estate Precedents (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf)
o   * Hilliard, Darling & Parsons, Commercial leasing: annotated precedents (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf)
o   Licensee Practice Manual, 5th ed. (Real Estate Council of British Columbia, 2003)
o   * Real Estate Financing: Annotated Precedents (British Columbia: CLE, looseleaf)
o   CCH Canadian Ontario Real Estate Law Guide (Don Mills: CCH Canadian, looseleaf)
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o   Ontario Real Estate Legislation 2005/2006 ed. (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2006)
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o   Young, M., Ontario municipal service directory: a comprehensive guide for real estate professionals (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2004)
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o   Wonnacott, M., Possession of land (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006)
o   Bernhardt & Burkhart, Real property in a nutshell, 5th ed. (St. Paul: Thomson/West, 2005)
Other Countries
o   Bradbrook, MacCallum & Moore, Australian real property law, 4th ed. (Pyrmont, N.S.W.: Lawbook, 2007)
o   Butt, P., Land law, 5th ed. (Pyrmont, Australia: Lawbook Co., 2006)
o   Hepburn, S., Principles of Property Law, 2nd ed. (Sydney, N.S.W.:  Cavendish Publishing, 2001)
Real estate glossary
Law Society of Upper Canada Practice Portal: Real Estate
Private title insurance (Winnipeg: Manitoba Law Reform Commission, 2007)
Fidelity National Title Insurance Company (FNTIC)
British Columbia
British Columbia Land Title and Survey Authority.
Homeowner Protection Office. B.C.
Clark Wilson BC Real Estate links page
BC Online (Government registry information in BC)
Other countries
Great Britain, Law Commission, Easements, Covenants and Profits à Prendre (Norwich: TSO, 2008)