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Professions resources

Related subject areas
o   Insurance
o   Torts
o   Burns, A., The legal obligations of the architect (Markham: Butterworths, 1994)
o   Bossin, A., Duties of Insurance Agents and Brokers (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 1995)
o   Campion & Dimmer, Professional liability in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   * Casey, J., The regulation of professions in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   * CICA handbook – accounting (Toronto: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, looseleaf)
o   * CICA handbook – assurance (Toronto: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, looseleaf)
o   Downie et al., Dental Law in Canada, 2nd ed. (Markham: Lexis, 2010)
o   Ellis, M., Fiduciary Duties in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf):
o   Chapter 9 covers lawyers’ fiduciary duties
o   Chapter 10 covers medical practitioners fiduciary duties
o   Chapter 11 covers accountants fiduciary duties
o   Chapter 11A covers fiduciary duties of other professionals
o   * Foerster, R., Accountant's liability in Canada (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   * Hamilton, Self-Governing Professions: Digests of Court Decisions (Aurora: Canada Law Book, looseleaf)
o   Khoury, L., Uncertain causation in medical liability (Quebec: Éditions Y. Blais, 2006)
o   Klar et al., Professional negligence (Toronto: Carswell, 1995)  - This book is a duplication of Chapter 16 of Rainaldi ed., Remedies in Tort (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf)
o   Marston, D., Law for Professional Engineers, 4th ed. (Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2008)
o   McLachlin et al., The Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering, 2nd ed. (Markham: Butterworths, 1994)
o   Rainaldi ed., Remedies in Tort  (Toronto: Carswell, looseleaf) (5 volumes) - Chapter 16 covers professional negligence of Barristers & Solicitors, Medical Practitioners, and Architects & Engineers
o   Samuels & Sanders, Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, Canadian Edition (Toronto: Pearson Hall, 2007)
o   Davies, M., Solicitor's Negligence Liability (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008)
o   Dugdale & Stanton, Professional Negligence, 3rd ed. (London: Butterworths, 1998)
o   Jackson & Powell on Professional Negligence, 5th ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2002)
o   Jackson et al., Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability, 7th ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2012)
o   Acret, J., Architects and Engineers, 3rd ed. (Colorado: McGraw-Hill, 1993)
o   Hess, S. et al.,  Design professional and construction manager law (American Bar Association, 2007)
Other countries
o   Walmsley, Abadee, & Zipser, Professional Liability in Australia, 2nd ed. (Pyrmont, Sydney Lawbook Co., 2007)
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA)
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC)
Professional Engineers Ontario
Ordre des ingénieurs du Quebec (OIQ)