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Instructions for the Ledger Index!!! tab

This tab lists, or should list, by references to cells on the Ledgers!!! tab, all of the accounts listed on the Ledgers!!! tab. The list of accounts on this tab is used as the foundation for the “Go to Account” and “Double Enter” macros used on the Ledgers!! tab, and so it is important that the list of accounts is kept up to date.
The Leger Index tab is divided into two sections, on the left are accounts in which an increase is recorded as a debit, and on the right are accounts for which an increase is recorded as a credit:
  • For Asset Accounts and Expense Accounts: an increase is recorded as a debit, and a decrease as a credit.
  • For Liability Accounts, Equity Accounts, and Income Accounts: an increase is recorded as a credit, and a decrease is recorded as a credit. 
To add a reference to the Account Index!!! tab (e.g. if you added a new account to the Ledgers!!! tab): 
  • Insert a cell in the applicable section of the Account Index!!! tab i.e. depending on the type of account being added: Asset, liability, etc.).
  • Click on the cell to contain the reference to the Ledgers!!! tab. 
  • Type +, or = (i.e. the standard way of starting a formula or reference in Excel).
  • With the formula creation mode still active (i.e. without pushing Escape or Enter) go to the Ledgers!!! tab and click on the name of the first account in applicable zone (note that account names are in column C on the Ledgers!!! tab), and then press Enter. This should add the account name on the Ledgers!!! tab to the originally selected cell on the Ledger Index!!! tab.
Repeat the above sequentially for the other accounts so that they are properly listed on the Ledger Index!!! tab according to the account names typed in on the Legers!!! tab. Note that you can then modify the names of the accounts on the Ledgers!!! tab and the list on the Ledger Index!!! tab (and therefore the data in the forms that show when the “Go to Account” and “Double Entry” button are clicked on the Ledgers!!! tab) will be automatically updated. Therefore, it is only if you add a fresh account to the Legers!!! tab, or delete an existing account from the Ledgers!!! tab that you have to modify the references on the Ledger Index!!! tab.