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Free Accounting Spreadsheet (Ledgers, Income Statement, Balance Sheet)

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The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet available for download at the bottom of this page provides a general ledger, income statement, and balance sheet for small businesses who wish to use double entry accounting to ensure their books properly balance. Although implementing double entry accounting requires effort, it is worthwhile for helping ensure that accurate books are kept which allows the business to accurately report income taxes payable, and be ready for an income tax audit should that occur.
3 minute super quick overview of how the spreadsheet works:
More detailed explanation of the spreadsheet:
Use the links at the bottom of this page to navigate a detailed set of instructions on how to use the spreadsheet, or to review three videos providing information about the spreadsheet.
To get back to this page, click the “up” links at the bottom of each page, or click the “Accounting Spreadsheet Guide” link in the “Books” menu on the left.  
Security issues
The spreadsheet was developed using macros (programmed in visual basic) and in order for the spreadsheet to operate your security settings in Microsoft Excel must be set to allow macros to run.  To enable macros in Excel 2010 (similar procedures will apply in other versions of Excel) click:
  • File (i.e. the menu on the top left)
  • Options
  • Trust Centre
  • Trust Centre Settings
  • Macro settings
  • Enable all macros
Macros can pose a security risk because they make your computer perform certain steps automatically, but are typically only dangerous when made to be that way by a computer programmer with a malicious intention – hence the warning when you change the security settings in Excel. However, the macros available in the spreadsheet available for download on this page are made with good intentions and should not harm your computer.
Users downloading and using this spreadsheet do so entirely at their own risk and agree to accept all risks associated with using the spreadsheet. 
The spreadsheet is open / unlocked and users familiar with macros can review the code.

See additional instructions included below the links listed below. 

Note that there are two versions of the spreadsheet available, one with full size dialog boxes (for users who have large size screens on desktop computers) and another with small sized dialog boxes (for laptops).